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Seems like everyone’s starting their own podcast these days. So how do YOU stand out in a sea of podcasts?

Hint: It’s NOT about the microphone.

There is NO one-size-fits-all tutorial that is sufficient. So let me help.

I'm Andrea Klunder, your podcast boss, and I want to help you develop and communicate YOUR STORY — the passion behind the podcast, the thing that makes your show unique and valuable to your listeners, and the secret ingredients that will help you feel successful and make your show the envy of everyone else.

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Feb 28, 2019

In Episode 034, I asked you, pleaded with you not to ghost your podcast listeners... and then this year, I disappeared for a while. Was I not following my own advice? Or did I have a legit reason? 

HINT: Sometimes you have to prioritize things over your own podcast.


Show Notes: