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Seems like everyone’s starting their own podcast these days. So how do YOU stand out in a sea of podcasts?

Hint: It’s NOT about the microphone.

There is NO one-size-fits-all tutorial that is sufficient. So let me help.

I'm Andrea Klunder, your podcast boss, and I want to help you develop and communicate YOUR STORY — the passion behind the podcast, the thing that makes your show unique and valuable to your listeners, and the secret ingredients that will help you feel successful and make your show the envy of everyone else.

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Jul 1, 2020

Episode 064. “In order to change your life, you have to change. Your life is not going to change so that you can change. You have to change so that your life can change...It's simple, but it ain't easy.” ~Joan Sotkin

When you talk about having “podcast envy,” your mind may wander to your podcasting mentors...

Jun 24, 2020

Episode 063. “I’ve been thinking of responsibility as response-ability, that I have the ability to respond and what do I want to do with that?" ~Candice Wu

I've fallen asleep on Candice Wu more times than I can remember. That's a compliment, by the way, a testament to The Embody Podcast's content and, yes,...

Jun 17, 2020

Episode 062. "Some people use a microphone so they can speak into the mic and hear themselves talk, but I do the podcast because I genuinely love it. Emails that I receive or social media messages I receive of how it can help people during this time and seeing people feel low or get sick or lose family members -- how...

Jun 4, 2020

Episode 061. I didn’t have the words so I’m borrowing these shared by community members in She Podcasts.

We stand with our sisters from the WOC Podcasters led by Danielle Desir and crafted by Tangia Renee.

Their words below:


Collectively, we have built engaged audiences that listen to...

May 26, 2020

Episode 060. "As a host of a show if you really want to have longevity, you start handing the things over that you don't particularly enjoy about the process to others who can do it much better than you can... and really focus in on what do [you] love and what do [you] do best." ~Jason Bader

Ready. Set. Go, now and...